Monday, December 29, 2008



Scooba is an automated robotic floor washer produced by iRobot. It was released in limited numbers in December 2005 for the Christmas season at $399.99, with full production starting in early 2006. The company introduced a $299 version, the Scooba 5800, in the second half of 2006.[1]

The Scooba uses a special non-bleach cleaning solution made by The Clorox Company that cleans the floors and prevents rust or skidding and has been nicknamed Scooba juice. The robot preps the floor by vacuuming loose debris, squirts clean solution, scrubs the floor, and then sucks up the dirty solution leaving a nearly dry floor behind. The robot is safe to use on sealed hardwood floors and most other hard household surfaces, but it cannot be used on rugs. Scooba avoids rugs and stairs, and can clean about 200 square feet (19 m2) on a single tank-load of solution.

The Scooba is the second major commercial product made by iRobot, which popularized vacuum robots with the Roomba.

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